Adoption and Parentage Actions for Married Same-Sex Couples

Adoption In Ohio, an important benefit followed the United States Supreme Court’s historical decision in Obergefell v. Hodges: two-parent adoption for same-sex couples. Before the Obergefell decision, only one parent in a gay or lesbian family had… Read More

Elder Law

Elder law deals with legal issues affecting the lives of older Americans and their families. As the population ages, elder law is becoming more important. Maria Shinn treats her elder law clients with dignity and respect. She helps clients identify a… Read More

Estate Planning

Planning your estate is a very personal endeavor. It also can be a highly complex one. Shinn Law Firm, LLC is an excellent choice when you need an estate plan. Maria Shinn is approachable, friendly, someone who will put you at ease. Equally important… Read More

Planning for LGBTQ Individuals and Families

The legalization of gay marriage did not make all the issues in the LGBTQ community go away. You need an attorney who embraces you and understands the obstacles you may face. Maria Shinn has 20 years of experience working with, and for, the LGBTQ com… Read More

Probate and Estate Administration

Probate administration is a court-based legal process that occurs after someone’s death. Estate administration involves not only the probate process but also settling the deceased’s entire estate, which includes the probate and non-probate assets… Read More

Shared Custody for Unmarried Same-Sex Couples

Shared custody may be an important option for same-sex couples living in Ohio who are not married. Maria can help gay and lesbian co-parents obtain a court order from the Juvenile Court in the county in which they reside. In that court order, the jud… Read More